About Us

OPENING SOON ON JUNE 15th! @2698 Agricola Street Halifax, NS :) 

Just a bit about us... to start with We are Candy Enthusiasts!

Our candy store is soon a reality in the North End of Halifax! 
The adventure of having my own candy shop comes from my love for candy - it's just fun!  As well, sweets remind us of fond times in our lives and we have this opportunity to inspire new ones. For each person, candy can represent a unique feeling, whether it is a trip down memory lane when we visited our local candy store as a kid or experimenting with a new 'candy' recipe. Candy can bring joy in so many ways! We are thrilled to bring candy into your homes in a way that creates the feeling of excitement, nostalgia, or wonder when perusing our shop! 
If ever there is anything that you searching for, we would love to try and make that a reality - call or send us a message, we would love to chat!